" I love casting you - I always know that you will bring a performance that is thoughtful and artful and genuine and I know that you are a professional on set. We need more like you! I am always so glad to see the work that you are doing, and it's a pleasure to have you." ( C.D. Angelique Midthunder)

 "This is good. Great work. There is a lot of simple, subtle, but layered choices here...emotional choices... you feel like you are living in your own voice and your own body which is really important. I dig it." ( C.D. Erica S. Bream in "Ace Your Self Tape" Class)

 "Jodi is a talented actor and has always been extremely professional. It has been a joy to work with Jodi...."
-Patty Kingsbaker (Radical Artists Agency) 

"It was by no means an easy shoot, as Jodi lost her voice at the start and (like a saint) remained on set until the very end and continued to give a beautiful performance....

-Chris Osborn (Director, Genesis)

  Jodi is a sweet, passionate, and hardworking actress. She displayed a strong knowledge of the language and characterization and took direction well. She was always prompt and very easy to work with."
-Meridith Crosley Grundei (Actor/Director)

'willa' film reviews  

"Incredilbly acted. I don't think any performance really matched just how daring and powerful hers was." (Director Tiberio Saraceno)

'solitary' FILM Reviews  

 "Jodi Lynn Thomas gave an incredible performance in Solitary. From the voiceover in the opening scene to her first on-camera appearance, she pulls you immediately into her cynical view of Los Angeles and the people who live there. Jodi was able to make you feel her extreme loneliness with her natural acting and deep conviction. As her character, Zoe, traverses her solitary life with interjections of her therapist, a "best friend", her mom and various other characters along the way, she was able to successfully keep me guessing at who and what was real versus part of her very active imagination. Silence speaks louder than words and Jodi was able to convey so much of the story and her character's life in these scenes. I would love to see this as a feature length film screened at Sundance one day. This short film was very well done in all aspects including cinematography, directing, writing, editing along with the strength of the supporting actors. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Jodi Lynn Thomas's work in the near future."

-Julia Parker (Jury President/LA Film Awards)

 "Solitary takes a solemn, morbidly humorous look at what it means to be lonely at the top. Jodi Lynn Thomas gives a subtle, yet varied performance as writer gone Wednesday Adams, Zoe, the apathetic anti-hero of Solitary."

-Casey Ruggieri (Judgin Panel/Festigious Internation Film Festival)

'The Creep Behind the camera' FILM reviews  

 ​"...But perhaps best of all is Jodi Lynn Thomas as the beleaguered Lois, who has the most developed character arc in the film and stays believable throughout. If there is any justice, these three actors should fast become more famous because of their work in this film." 
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( Imagine Film Festival Review)

-Ard Vijn (Editor/Twitch Film)

"In this film, it is Nelson’s wife Lois, played subtly and powerfully by Jodi Lynn Thomas, who is the real star. She is our heroine. And we know--no matter how terrifying the monster--she is stronger than him. Hers is an amazing story. The intertwining of the two horror conventions—the monster movie and the scream queen—is powerful."

-Ovarit 2021 

"Where “The Creep Behind the Camera” shines is in terrific performances from both leads. Josh Phillips as Art Nelson resembles a lanky Craig Sheffer bearing Bill Paxton’s evil bully sneer. Jodi Lynn Thomas as Lois brings Angela Bettis to mind in both looks and embodiment of a mousy beauty masking deep inner turmoil. In scenes together and apart, Phillips and Thomas breathe authentic dimension into archetypes that could have been standard Lifetime movie abuser and abused, but instead elicit hate, heartbreak, pity, sadness, and sympathy."  

-2014 Culture Crypt 

"The real "find" for me, though, was Jodi. Not only very appealing in appearance, but she conveyed the kind of subtleties that I really like. "The right 'look' (expression) is worth a thousand words," so to speak. I was surprised to hear that the scene near the end with her on the phone was her first day on set — a very delicate performance in that scene in particular... Jodi was the emotional center of the movie. She very much elevated your movie."

-Ernie Farino (The Terminator, The Abyss, The Thing)

 That being said, the performances by Josh Phillips and Jodi Lynn Thomas as Nelson and Wiseman are pretty phenomenal. Phillips has a tougher time of it, as he carries the picture as a despicable individual while Thomas remains victimized and suicidal through most of her scenes. There is humor to be found in the absurdity of Nelson’s “vision”, but things just become awkward when viewers are asked to bond with a monster.

-Robert Gold (horrordna.com) 2017

 "Jodi Lynn Thomas as Nelson’s wife, Lois Wiseman, and Desert Storm Veteran-turned-model-and-actor Bill LeVasseur provide the best performances by far. Both underplay their roles quite nicely without hamming up an already tall tale."

-Lee Christian (Screamfest / UK Horror Scene

"Jodi Lynn Thomas as Lois Wiseman does play the most sympathetic figure with a level of discomfort for her plight to feel for the figure." 

-Cinema Of The Abstrast 2014

 "It is a cute and clever hybrid which makes for some thoroughly enjoyable viewing, due to its bizarre subject-matter and the damn good acting from its leads."

-Ard Vijn ScreenAnarchy

Rotten Tomatoes 2020

"Also great was Jodi Lynn Thomas who provides the moral centre of the movie and whose character keeps her dignity throughout her suffering. And great work in recreating the era with what I guess was not a Hollywood budget."

-Roel Haanen (Festival programmer) Imagine Film Festival - Amsterdam

"The film definitely holds your attention, thanks in no small part to the powerful performance of actor Josh Phillips. A working actor , this film is a showcase for Phillips, as he goes from goofy to terrifying, often within the same scene. One hopes he was not as method as Daniel Day Lewis, for to be around a personality like that would be too much ,especially on a low budget film.He is matched by the performance of Jodi Lynn Thomas, who suffers more abuse than anyone should or could imagine." 

-Scarlett The Film Magazine

 "...the young Lois is played by Jodi Lynn Thomas, who reminds me a bit of Marion Cotillard. When Lois sees Nelson for the first time...He starts off on his best behaviour, but that doesn’t last long. Because she is so petite, she seems that much more vulnerable when Nelson threatens her."

-Liz Ferguson (Montreal Gazette/ Fantasia Film Festival Review)

 "Thomas’ Lois is sympathetic and sad."

-Michael Klug (Screamfest Review)

 "Thanks for the wonderful direction of Pete Schuermann and the over the top performance of Josh Phillips and his screen wife, portrayed by the lovely and dramatic Jodi Lynn Thomas. "

-Club De Monstres 2014

 "I’ll point out that actress Jodi Lynn Thomas did a fantastic job portraying Vic Savage’s wife; she delivers all the tears in the story."

- Fantasia Film Festival Review